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Real world is a page dedicated to reveal secrets of life, where many of them have been kept hidden and out of reach of the human being, but now they will be unveiled to  all humanity. Since through these pages you can learn things and questions that are to asked during their lifetime, and that nothing and no one  had been able to give the answer, and generally all those concerns will be unveiled them by means of a series or collection of more than 30 books, where each of them will introduce you to their questions together with your response, which will be able to open the road  lifelong is maintained had closed. And all this may manifest is through the reading of the text of your choice, since these are not ordinary books because they not try simply stories, fables, novels, tales and legends, but rather, that their central themes focus on all things concerning the life in all its dimensions, where all will tell so explicitclear, precise and without taboos, where words or unknown enigmatic shall not be used for the reader, but rather that everything will tell in plain and simple, so that the reader can understand what they read. Where is also relate unimaginable topics for the mind of the human being, which will lead you to head without fear on the road always wanted and eagerness. So if you few inside deeper that his life was a mess and that manifested through this fear, embarrassment, shyness, grudge, phobia, bitterness, depression, heartbreak, so as the other entities that affect the tranquility of the human being. Forward will realize that by reading the book that goes in line with their questions, will begin to express the joy in your heart, and you will see the world as if it were a toy in his hands, since this will calm and then erase all that evil which previously tormented mind, since you will begin to see the world in a different way to as few beforedue to everything in life manifests itself mentally, and in that sense the world always is displayed chord of as his mind shows it. But the most important of this is that you will not need to leave your home to get the book of your choice in your hands, because these will be available in digital format, where you can download and deploy it on the screen of your computer or your table, as well as also can view it on your smart fon or smart phone which can take it with you anywhere to contactwhich will give you the opportunity to be able to read it;

in their work, in their free hours or when East at rest. And if also you want printed, only need to contact us at our e-mail: address and in this way we will provide data or address where to buy it. att: "ALBERTO REYNOSO" (author)

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Learn how crime in Latin america

Learn how crime in Latin america
This work is an issue that concerns us and affects us all equally, which is that social evil known as crime. And within this context development will be presented step by step, all the past in America Latina and  the Dominican Republic, since the beginning of the 20th century, until the...


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